PC Man is a new concept in computer help and training for the home user.

PC Man is a Charlotte, NC area computer help firm dedicated to helping the family and home computer users to better utilize technology. Computers are becoming an integral part of the your home and the whole family. PC Man can be your resource for all the help to make it all come together; repairs, tune-ups and training

PC Man is a division of CDN Technology. With experience from the corporate world, PC Man can lead you, train you, and help you accomplish your specific computer needs in the home. Whether its gaming, audio, video or just Internet access... PC Man can help!

Message from Glenn:

Your personal computer, like any relationship, requires work. Yeah, there are some cranky business leaders who insist PCs should be more like appliances…they should do things simply and reliably, without costly upgrades or fussing. My wife says the same thing about me!

The truth is, a computer is just a starting point, and some of the most interesting possibilities require additions. If you want to edit movies, print photographs, make CDs, or share files at home, you’re going to need more than a keyboard, mouse and a big beige box. To do cool stuff you need to upgrade, and to upgrade you need advice.
Help is here!